When we follow the wisdom and movement of the horses, they always bring us to the core!  With their prey instincts and hypersensitive awareness, horses instantly and accuratelysize people up. They take us to a deeper level of consciousness. Here we can work together to achieve wholeness and development with full life as our goal! Without judgment and from love, precisely touching that what needs attention and energy.


I love working with the systemic wisdom of horses. Everyone is part of different systems, such as family, work or friends. All these systems consciously and unconsciously affect our behaviour as individuals and as teams. With the wisdom of horses, our patterns are made visible. Horses are herd and pray animals and constantly feel what is needed to make a situation safe. Horses are completely in the here and now. With that strength horses show us people what is going on below the surface and what needs attention, for individuals or as a team. As a coach I help translate and interpret what the horses show. By using representatives for something or someone in the system, it is possible to restore the balance.


During the equine assisted workshops, we focus on both personal and organizational issues of individuals and teams. The feedback we receive tells us time and again that the learning is highly transferable, and the changes are sustainable. Horses hold up the mirror to leadership behaviours and facilitate rapid insights and development of leadership skills.


Do you want to understand what really drives you? Do you find yourself stuck in patterns and want to break through them? Or see what prevents you from taking the next step in your life? Then come to a coaching day and let yourself be coached with the wisdom of the horses.


You can register as an individual, with your family or with friends. During this day it is possible to join as a coach participant or as a representative. As a participant you will work on your own situation. Others can be called on to represent parts of each system that we explore. As you explore your own constellation and as you represent in another’s constellation, you will find moments of insight.


The price for a coaching session as a participant is € 245 for private individuals (with invoice € 345 excl. VAT) and as representative € 75 (with invoice € 95 excl. VAT). Coffee / tea, snacks, fruit and a healthy lunch are included in the price. The open enrolment days are in principle from 10:15 AM to 4:00 PM. There is room for a maximum of four coach participants and approximately four representatives per coach day. The coaching days are provided in collaboration with my colleague Iris Garnier. We are both Kifungo certified coaches for Systemic / Shamanic Working with Horses.


Do you want to stay informed or are you interested in coaching with horses? Please send me a message or call me on +31 (0)6 53 804 605.






We work with organizational teams to make the team dynamics visible and to recognize the "invisible" patterns in the group. The horses reveal which themes play a role and can help restore order and balance. The team can then let the energy flow freely, whereby each team member can fully take up his or her own position and from there contribute to the whole. The content of the workshop is determined on the basis of an intake interview with the client and is tailored to the current situation and learning needs of the team. It is also determined how "deep" the reflections may go. During the workshop, theory and practice alternate. Participants are stimulated to step out of the 'comfort zone' and experience new ways of looking, acting and communicating. Prior experience with horses is not necessary.


Do you want to know what I can do for your team or your organization?  Let's meet and co-create.

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