Executive coaching -

Go deep with both feet on the ground

Like every client, every coaching intervention is different. That is why I offer individuals an intensive and experience-oriented personal program of three months. Using proven and innovative methods - and above all active listening - the process is tailored to the your situation. To fully experience life, as talking only doesn’t do the job.

The sessions get to the core of who you are. They aim to create space in which you can make choices, break patterns and explore new avenues. Working on personal growth, starting from the unknown, free from judgements and focused on results. Coaching for professionals by professionals.


“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

~ Carl G. Jung.


During these three months we will see eachother every other week and together we will:



We broaden your perception. Everyone has their own view of their lives and we are going to broaden it so that you have more available to actually perceive. Learn to not only understand from your brain but feel with your heart and soul. Know who you really are, what drives you and where you want to go. And where better to do this than in contact with nature. Awaken your senses!



I will join you in your daily practice for a day. That way you don't have to explain how you think it is, instead I can experience how it really is. We make your (often unconscious) beliefs and behavioural patterns visible. And thus the influence of this on your environment and on the effectiveness of your functioning. Once conscious, we can identify and heal any imbalances.



Accept without judgment who you are and what is part of you, to re-member. With the wisdom of the horses we go deep with both feet on the ground. You will be guided by me in a safe setting, in which you can experience what is needed to mend your imbalance. With insights and transformation that is fitting and lasting sustainable for you, with your energy flow going freely.

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