go deep with both feet on the ground

Be successful in your career while retaining your self-awareness.


You won't learn anything new; instead I will give you access to your whole self. We will not dispose of anything because you are right just the way you are. People are mainly brought up head-focussed. That provides a lot of knowledge and can take you far, on the other hand you do not use everything you have in you. It has been scientifically proven that we have a deeper and greater intelligence if we let our heart and feelings participate in addition to our head. Through cooperation between head, heart and soul you create freedom, you gain more energy, you become more effective and you develop yourself. With all that you become the inspired leader of your life. Being successful in your career and retaining your self-awareness. Do you dare to speak your truth and listen to your longings? Go deep by fully immersing yourself in the experience.


"Reconnect and remember what you might have forgotten."


With my corporate experience, the psychodynamic knowledge of INSEAD international business school, the lessons of nature, systemic principles and the wisdom of horses, I will guide you into your depth.






“Real growth occurs when you go deep with both feet on the ground. Observe, become aware and remember who you really are. ” ~ Nita


The rediscovery of someone's inner strength is the essence of my assignment. To do so I work according to the following principles:


Down to earth, level-headed and concrete. With proven methodologies in an intense and experience-oriented process. From my broad education and experience I guide you with an understanding of the business and personal context.



Convinced that you already know what is needed I will support you. By honestly naming what is there. With sense and without judgment. I encourage you to go deeper where it is valuable, to reach the results you want.


Not inside the office, but outside. You will fully discover and re-member the experience. Not in your head but feeling with heart and soul. With the wisdom of the horses and nature. Going deep and with both feet on the ground.

 What does NITA WINK offer?


I am an adventurer, mother and outdoor person. In 2015 I exchanged my corporate career for freedom and inspiration. My 24 years of career were beautiful, with great collaborations and experiences. The full agenda and broad responsibilities kept me busy. The years of international travel and working with different nationalities in an international environment, provided me a rich cultural awareness and international working experience. Still it didn't feel complete, there had to be more. I was sure life had more to offer - and I had more to offer too.


    Grateful for the decision to investigate what I was missing and the adventures I have lived since. I have studied psychodynamics of organizations, natural leadership, systemic principles and equine assisted systemic work and more. These different experiences have made me who I am. Now I coach professionals who really want to get to know themselves. Out of the head, into the heart and soul. Go deep with both feet on the ground.


    Internationally curious

    My interest in numbers – but more especially in people and organizations – drew me to the audit profession. I went to work for PwC, became a Chartered Accountant and earned an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. I became partner with an international portfolio and as management team member I was responsible for Human Resources and talent management. As an auditor, I worked in former war zones - Afghanistan and Somalia - with companies, governments and organizations. Along the way, I have met many inspiring people, have heard some unforgettable stories and have learned a lot about myself.


    A fresh perspective

    In 2015, I graduated from INSEAD International business school with an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change, a program that takes a psychodynamic approach to leadership and organizations. There I wrote an excellent rated thesis entitled "Awakening through your dreams” on how dreams contribute to the transformational process in the context of executive coaching. At the Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands I completed the course System Dynamics in Organizations. And since 2018 I am a Kifungo certified coach for Systemic / Shamanic Equine assisted work, and am currently also involved as a facilitator for this course.


    The world is my home

    I was born in Germany to Dutch parents, grew up in the Netherlands, and studied in France and Costa Rica. Although I see myself as a global citizen, my home is Amsterdam, where I live with my husband and two children. I like to run in the city and along the canals. When the weekend comes, you’ll find me packing our old VW campervan for our next adventure.


    Citizen of Skateistan

    In order to make a difference for girls in the world, I support Skateistan. This international NGO, with headquarters in Berlin, works with young people, especially girls, from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is active in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Jordan and South Africa. Nowadays I am Chair of the Skateistan's International Advisory Board and founder of Stichting Skateistan NL.



In recent years I have worked with executives from the following organisations:


A few quotes from clients:


For me it was of great value that Nita has a lot of experience in the financial world and provides practical tools from that experience. If you are willing to look at yourself seriously and deal with your own challenges (with support), then Nita is the right coach.

Sanne, Auditor Manager


Nita is able to keep you in front of a mirror. In her coaching she gives you honest feedback on what she sees and experiences on the other side of the table.

Peter Paul, Director


Nita's vibrant personality and extensive work experience make her a warm, supportive and expert coach. Her ability to work in a variety of difficult contexts and across different cultures makes her an inspiring leader.

Claire, Deputy Executive Director




Tel. +31 (0)6 53 804 605

Mail: contact@nitawink.nl


Coach location: Amsterdam and in nature.


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