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Can you be successful in your career and yet retain your self-awareness?


The answer is yes, with the profound conviction that ‘knowing oneself’ is important for every individual. When I coach people and organizations, I put the human at the centre of my work. Your personal development, talent and ambition are what determine the path taken. I see my role as uncovering or rediscovering your strengths as a person.


Working solo and together with other experts, I guide and inspire professionals and their organizations, specializing in the field of leadership development and cultural change.

 What does NITA WINK offer?


I am adventurous, curious, a do-gooder and a mother. For over 20 years I was an auditor at PwC, including 9 years as a partner. In this capacity I was a ‘sparring partner’ for directors and supervisory board members, talent coach, inspirational leader and entrepreneur. These different experiences have made me who I am, and they are all valuable in my work as a coach and trainer.


    Internationally curious

    My interest in numbers – but more especially in people and organizations – drew me to accountancy. I went to work for PwC and became a chartered accountant at the Free University in Amsterdam. I earned an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, and became partner with an international portfolio and human talent management responsibility.


    I have led various assignments in developing countries and former conflict areas – from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka, Somalia and Haiti – where I worked with businesses, governments and non-profit organizations. Along the way, I have met many inspiring people, have heard some unforgettable stories, and have learned a lot about myself.


    A fresh perspective

    After 24 years in business services, I want to make my experience, knowledge and skills available to others. I coach organizations, help future leaders realize their ambitions, offer a fresh perspective to decision-makers, and much more.


    In 2015, I graduated from INSEAD international business school (Fontainebleau, France) with an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change, a programme that takes a psychodynamic approach to teams and organizations. Convinced that the world would be a better place if leaders connected with their ‘inner selves’ to understand what drives their leadership style and behaviour, my thesis was entitled "Awakening through your dreams, How a spiritual approach to dream interpretation contributes to the transformational process in the context of executive coaching”, It was based on original research and was judged outstanding by the academics who teach the programme.


    The world is my home

    I was born in Germany to Dutch parents, grew up in the Netherlands, and studied in France and Costa Rica. Although I see myself as a global citizen, my home is Amsterdam, where I live with my husband and two children. I like to run in the city, the countryside, and along the canals. When the weekend comes, you’ll find me packing our old VW campervan for our next adventure.


    Citizen of Skateistan

    In order to make a difference for girls in the world, I’ve been involved in Skateistan for several years. Skateistan is an international NGO in Kabul and Berlin that works with young people, especially girls, from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is active in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. I'm a sparring partner of the international management team and founder of Stichting Skateistan NL, a foundation set up for fundraising in the Netherlands.




For me, the coaching from Nita was insightful and valuable. At one point in my career I got stuck, I could not let go and had less fun in my work, I asked Nita for coaching. She taught me a practical and purposeful way to better cope with communication problems and stress in my work. She made me realize that you cannot change others, but you yourself can act differently in every situation. This gave me more insight into how to deal with difficult situations. Thanks to her suggestions and learning, I can shape each situation in a conscious positive way.

The coaching process is focused on the manner and frequency you need and she adjusts her coaching accordingly. She is a pleasant, committed coach who challenges you to explore your own opportunities as much as possible and apply her ‘coaching tools' through small ‘homework’ assignments to use in your daily work. For me it was of great value that Nita has a lot of experience in the financial world and provides practical tools from that experience.

Nita has a background in dream interpretation and can (on request) use this approach during the coaching process to create a whole new perspective on your development. This surprising perspective was a fun and useful addition to the talks with Nita.

If you are willing to look at yourself seriously and deal with your own challenges (with support), then Nita is the right coach.

Sanne, Auditor Manager


Nita is able to keep you in front of a mirror. In her coaching she gives you honest feedback on what she sees and experiences on the other side of the table. ‘Feedback is a gift’ is the established term - Nita made me realize that this is indeed true. She taught me that it is your responsibility to educate yourself and to ask for feedback, to understand yourself better and become more effective.

Peter Paul, Director


For over a year Nita has mentored me over fortnightly phone calls. During my transition from Finance Director to Deputy Executive Director, Nita provided guidance on structuring my new role, as well as advice with the process of recruiting and training a successor. Outside of our regular phone calls, Nita has reviewed various reports or internal documents, always giving a fresh and constructive perspective. Nita's vibrant personality and extensive work experience make her a warm, supportive and expert mentor. Her ability to work in a variety of difficult contexts and across different cultures makes her an inspiring leader.

Claire, Deputy Executive Director


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