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Real growth happens when you go deeper with both feet on the ground; to really observe, become aware and remember who you really are. ” 

\ Nita Wink


You are successful and have experienced your fair share in the professional world. You have self-awareness, enough to internalise:

  • The feeling there must be more to life than just your career
  • Limiting beliefs about what you can achieve in your private or work life
  • Knowing there is more of you to discover and show to the world
  • Taking responsibility for your own path in life by realising it is not about others
  • Looking for the next challenge, but never feeling satisfied 
  • Wanting the time to take a breath and reflect on what your next steps can be

I have walked that road, had my mind spinning with those very thoughts. Having lived for my job for so many years, juggling my private life and also having a great time, I felt the yearning to find out what other qualities were within me. Not only riding the wave of a corporate name, but taking full responsibility for my own path. After 24 years working in a demanding corporate environment, I made the decision to step out and follow my true compass. And NO, this does not mean you need to give up your career in order to find your happiness! But my corporate experience does enable me to understand your world, as I help you find your true purpose.

And just as every person is unique, every coaching need will be different. That is why I offer you an intensive and experience-oriented personal executive coaching program, tailored to your individual needs and situation. Using proven and innovative methods – and above all applying active listening – to fully experience, as talking alone doesn’t do the job.

Our sessions get to the core of who you are. They aim to create a safe space in which you can make choices, break patterns and explore new avenues. Working on personal growth, starting from the unknown, free from judgements and focused on results. Coaching for professionals by professionals.

With my  corporate experience, the psychodynamic knowledge obtained at Insead, the lessons of nature, systemic principles and the wisdom of horses, I will help you gain insight and a deeper understanding of your true self.

 \ Reconnect and remember what you might have forgotten \

Although you won’t learn anything new, I will give you access to your inner self. We don’t discard anything; as you are complete just the way you are. 

People are predominantly raised to develop their minds. This provides a wealth of knowledge and although it can take you far, it does not allow you to use everything you have in you. It has been scientifically proven that we have a deeper and greater intelligence if we let our heart and feelings participate in addition to our head.

Through the cooperation of head, heart and soul, you create freedom, gain more energy and become more effective as you evolve. And through this, you will become the inspirational leader of your own life. Successful in your career and staying true to yourself. Do you dare to speak your truth and listen to your desires? Go deeper by fully immersing yourself in the experience. 



Together, we broaden your perception. Everyone has their own view of their lives and we are going to expand your intuitive understanding in order to strengthen your ability to observe your surroundings and grow your perception capabilities. Learn to not only understand with your brain but feel from your heart and soul. Know who you really are, what drives you and where you want to go. And where could that best take place than in contact with nature. Wake-up your senses.


I will join you in your working environment for a day. That way you don’t have to tell me how you think it is, but I can experience how it really is. Together, we will reveal your (often unconscious) beliefs and make your behavioural patterns visible. And thus it’s influence on your environment and on the effectiveness of your functioning. Once consciously aware, we can identify and restore any disbalances.


Accept without judgement who you are and all that is part of you, to remember who you truly are. With the wisdom of the horses we go deeper with both feet on the ground. You will be guided by me in a safe setting. In which you can experience what is needed to restore your disbalance. With insights and transformation that are sustainable and fitting for you. With your energy flowing freely.